Paul Keegan

While his background is in IT, Paul Keegan’s passion has always been in music and recording.
A member of the Music Department of Maynooth University, his musical interest is wide and varied. He originally moved in traditional music circles singing Sea Shanty music and played in the Dublin traditional circuit before developing his passion for recording. This 'hobby' grew and he developed his own recording studio. He recorded mostly local groups, young struggling artists, parish focused choirs and soloists. He started on classic reel-to-reel analogue recording and finished with a hybrid analogue/digital design. He has done a lot of work for Ian mixing his CD’s and helping in productions like 'Calm the Soul'. Anyone who listens to Calm the Soul will agree that he has done a marvellous job in mixing it.


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O God,
I pray that I may know You and love You
So as eternally to rejoice in You.
And if, in the present life, I cannot do so fully,
Grant that my love and knowledge may at least grow on earth
That my joy may be fully in Heaven:
A joy expected here and there fulfilled.
O Lord our Father,
You counselled or rather commanded through Your Son,
That we ask for this fullness of joy, and You promised to grant it.
I ask of You, O Lord, that which, through Your Wonder-Counsellor,
You encouraged us to ask and promised to grant:
That our joy may be full!
Let my mind meditate on this joy, my tongue speak of it,
My heart desire it, my words extol it,
My soul hunger for it, my flesh thirst for it,
My whole substance yearn for it,
Until I enter into the joy of my God
Who is Triune and One,
Blessed forever.

St. Bonaventure