Online Q&A

The Online Q&A is an idea that has been developed during the Covid 19 pandemic of 2020. It allows those who would like  to know more about Poor Clare life to get insights into it while keeping social distance according to the recommendations in place  to stem the spread of the virus. It is, like the other vocations initiatives on this website, an opportunity to take a first step in exploring Poor Clare life.


The Q&A is conducted through Zoom and participants are sent the necessary details in advance to gain access to the meeting by sending their email address and basic details to 


Here are some of the comments sent from participants of the Q&A: 

O God,
I pray that I may know You and love You
So as eternally to rejoice in You.
And if, in the present life, I cannot do so fully,
Grant that my love and knowledge may at least grow on earth
That my joy may be fully in Heaven:
A joy expected here and there fulfilled.
O Lord our Father,
You counselled or rather commanded through Your Son,
That we ask for this fullness of joy, and You promised to grant it.
I ask of You, O Lord, that which, through Your Wonder-Counsellor,
You encouraged us to ask and promised to grant:
That our joy may be full!
Let my mind meditate on this joy, my tongue speak of it,
My heart desire it, my words extol it,
My soul hunger for it, my flesh thirst for it,
My whole substance yearn for it,
Until I enter into the joy of my God
Who is Triune and One,
Blessed forever.

St. Bonaventure