What Next?


Having experienced a CLOISTER DAY or having COME FOR A CUPPA a young woman may decide that she would like to seriously pursue the possibility that she has a vocation to the Poor Clare way of life. This time of more intensive discernment is called ASPIRANCY and the Church requires that this must last at least a year during which time the aspirant visits the monastery, on a regular basis, (if possible). In our monastery, this period of time includes firstly, a twelve day LIVE-IN experience. This is always an enriching experience, both for the Community and the aspirant, and leads to further clarity on the question about whether or not God is calling her to this particular way of life. After the LIVE-IN, if the aspirant and the sister accompanying her discern together that she should continue with the aspirancy a further longer stay with the community will be arranged and regular contact will be kept up. If after this time it becomes clearer that a genuine call to the Poor Clare way of life is present, the aspirant may apply to become a postulant. Postulancy is the first STAGE OF FORMATION. 


The consecrated life thus becomes one of the tangible seals which the Trinity impresses upon history, so that people can sense with longing the attraction of divine beauty.

Pope John Paul ll in Vita Consecrata