Calm the Soul


In 2012 we were approached by an editor on the staff of the Hachette Publishing House. She had been browsing our website and was taken by the volume of prayers, reflections and tips for prayer contained in our wesite and wndered if we would be interested in making it available in book form. Thus was born the idea of a book on prayer. Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as well as the wise guidance of editor Ciara Doorley, the ideas for the book developed over time as a way to present ideas about prayer to people with busy, changing lives and it is now just over ten years since we launched the book Calm the Soul.  

To our surprise (and delight) the book was very well received and held the number one spot in the Irish book charts for fifteen weeks  (in the non-fiction category) Our dream that it would be a source of inspiration and hope for many people was realised beyond anything we could have imagined and the feedback in letters that we received after the publication of the book bear ample testimony that faith in God is still strong among people.

Earlier this year, Hachette approached us again about the possibility of a tenth-anniversary edition. We were glad to take up the offer since it gave us the opportunity to add to and update the original. We hope and pray that through it, many people may receive blessings of peace and healing. 


Calm the Soul Song
Calm the Soul pottery

The ancient spiritual tradition of the Church, explicitly connects the enclosed-contemplative life to the prayer of Jesus "on the mountain", or solitary place not accessible to all but only to those whom he calls to be with Him, apart from the others.

Pope John Paul II, Verbi Sponsa