Online Q&A

The  Q&A are geared towards helping those discerning religious lfe to learn about what we do and to get an idea of the basics of Poor Clares life and  to ask any questions they might have. It is conducted through Zoom and those who would like to attend simply send their email address and basic details in advance of the meeting to will then be sent the link to gain access to the meeting.

 Those discerners who prefer a one-to-one Q&A are also accomodated 

Here are some of the comments sent from participants of previous Q&As: 

Here is some feedback from a participant who took part in a one-to-one call:                                           

The value of contemplation on the mystery of the Incarnation remains unchanged. And despite the changed conditions of the time, for the majority of people there remain unaltered the characteristic periods of the day - morning, noon and evening - which mark the periods of their activity and constitute an invitation to pause in prayer.

Pope Paul VI