David Kennedy


David Kennedy is a guitarist, composer and music producer based in Dublin. He performs regularly throughout Ireland and can play a plethora of guitar styles including acoustic, finger-style, electric and classical guitar. He has a Performance diploma in classical guitar from The Royal Irish Academy of Music and is the regular guitarist for the Dublin Gospel Choir.

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Clare... slipped away from her home and hurried through the woods to the chapel of the Portiuncula, where Francis was then living with his small community.   He and his brethren had been at prayers before the altar and met her at the door with lighted tapers in their hands.

Now about that incident I will here only say this.  If it had really been a romantic elopement and the girl had become a bride instead of a nun, practically the whole modern world would have made her a heroine...modern romanticism entirely encourages such defiance of parents when it is done in the name of romantic love.   For it knows that romantic love is a reality, but it does not know that divine love is a reality.

G. K. Chesterton