Calm the Soul Song


There is a poem at the beginning of the book which is also called 'Calm the Soul'. We noticed from the feedback we received from people who read the book that this poem touched them deeply. We began to think about putting the words of the poem to music so that it would be more widely available to people. This was the beginning of turning 'Calm the Soul' into a song. From our casual experimentation with a few melodies and tunes to a fully mixed and mastered professional musical production, 'Calm the Soul' could never have become a reality without the help of Ian Callanan, the producer and arranger of the song. Nor could it have happened without the generous co-operation of the various other artists, (Ronan Browne Aoife Ní Fhearraigh, Emmet Cahill, Siobhán Armstrong, Des Lacey, David Kennedy, Niall Murphy, Shane Mc Vicker and Paul Keegan) who were will willing to get involved and give of their time and talents to help us make it a reality. The melody, based as it is on the musical motifs of a traditional Irish love song (Cailín Deas Crúite na mBó), captures the intensity of longing of the Lover for his Beloved. In the Catholic mystical tradition, made popular by many saints over the centuries, this is the most accurate metaphor to describe God’s intense love for the human soul and so the soul praying in 'Calm the Soul' for healing, wholeness, forgiveness, mercy and peace is matched by the God who desires to raise us up and restore us in love to the royal dignity that is rightfully ours as beings made in the ‘image and likeness of God’. St. Francis and St. Clare were enthralled by the fact of the Incarnation, that God became one of us in Jesus Christ and that in Him we are restored to our original splendour as daughters and sons of God. In 'Calm the Soul' the praying soul knows, in spite of the darkness and blackness that life can bring, that he or she is cherished, known and loved by God. May you be richly blessed as you listen to this song! 

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Here are the words of the song :

Calm the Soul

When my boat, Lord, is storm tossed and sinking;

when fears in my heart take control,

say 'Be not afraid' to my spirit

and Your answer will calm the soul. 

When I flounder around in deep waters;

when the stresses of life take their toll,

a sudden deep hush steals upon me. 

Your gentleness calms the soul.


When my life seems too full of confusion

and I have lost sight of the goal, 

as I stumble about in the darkness

may Your gentle light calm the soul.

I often live life on the surface;

sometimes I'm playing a role. 

Help me cherish my own inner beauty.

May Your tender love calm the soul.


When sinfulness tugs like an anchor;

when guilt has me caught in a hole,

I turn to You Lord for forgiveness,

and Your mercy calms the soul.

When I struggle with sickness and sorrow

and eagerly long to be whole,

I call on Your name to bring healing

and the touch of Your hand calms the soul.



Your way of life places you at the very heart of the mystery of the Church. You are a hidden power, which creates energy for her fruitful activity.

Beloved Sisters, committed from your cloisters to be witnesses of certain values for which you love, be witnesses to the Lord for the world of today, and instil with your prayer a new breath of life into the Church and into modern man…

Never was the contemplative vocation more precious or more relevant than in our modern, restless world."

Pope John Paul II, to enclosed Nuns