Calm the Soul Mugs

A small number of special Calm the Soul mugs were ordered by the publishers for the launch of the 10th anniversary edition of Calm the Soul and jointly designed with the sisters. The quotation on the mug from the end of St. Matthew's Gospel, "I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS", sums up the message contained in the book. God is near us and is for us.The 'Calm the Soul'  graphic on the front of the mug was drawn by one of the sisters.

The idea of reading the book over a cup of coffee very much evokes the idea of the warmth, closeness, love and friendship which is at the root of God's relationship with us. What better way to evoke this idea than a mug of tea or coffee shared with a friend. The great Catholic social activist-and now candidate for sainthood- Dorothy Day understood this well when she said: “My strength returns to me with my cup of coffee and the reading of the Psalms.” 

The designs for the mug below (front and back) are provided in PDF at the bottom of this page and can be uploaded and ordered directly from online printing houses that produce personalised mugs. 

Please note: The mugs are not available from either Hachette Publishers or the Poor Clare Community.


Mug Design for back

Mug Design for front

Clare... slipped away from her home and hurried through the woods to the chapel of the Portiuncula, where Francis was then living with his small community.   He and his brethren had been at prayers before the altar and met her at the door with lighted tapers in their hands.

Now about that incident I will here only say this.  If it had really been a romantic elopement and the girl had become a bride instead of a nun, practically the whole modern world would have made her a heroine...modern romanticism entirely encourages such defiance of parents when it is done in the name of romantic love.   For it knows that romantic love is a reality, but it does not know that divine love is a reality.

G. K. Chesterton