Ronan Browne

A serial musical collaborator, Ronan has travelled the world sharing Irish music in his own open-hearted way.  His maternal grandmother was the much-loved and hugely popular singer, Delia Murphy.  Besotted since childhood with the music of the old masters, Ronan began piping in 1972, moving on in later years to whistle, flute, and then to composing his own rich modern soundscapes for film and television. He contributes flute and pipes to 'Calm the Soul' showing his musical intuitions at their best. His daughter Eilidh (pictured below) joins him in the interlude on the fiddle.

Ronan was the original piper with both the Afro Celt Sound System and Riverdance.  Having worked on nearly 200 albums with many prestigious artists including Elvis Costello, Paul Brady, Sinéad O’Connor, Peter Gabriel and Deep Forest  and toured the world over many times, Ronan now leads a gentler life in Conemara.

Eilidh de Brún 


Eilidh de Brún plays fiddle on Calm the Soul.  She made her recording debut at the tender age of 4, on a recording of a Louis de Paor poem.  As well as playing the fiddle and piano, Eilidh is an gifted artist with a great future ahead of her.


And when night comes, and you look back over the day and see how fragmentary everything has been and how much you planned that has gone undone, and all the reasons you have to be embarrassed and ashamed: just take everything exactly as it is, put it in God's hands and leave it with Him. Then you will be able to rest in Him - really rest - and start the next as a new life.

St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)