as Gaeilge Po polsku

Up to the evening of your life, remain in wonder and thanksgiving for the mysterious call that re-echoed in the depths of your heart one day: "Follow Me"…

Religious life is a friendship, an intimacy of the mystical order with Christ…

Pope John Paul II to enclosed Nuns

Prayer Reflections

Occasionally our Community has times of guided reflection and prayer together outside of the official Liturgy of the Church. One of us leads our time together and reflections are combined with times of silence and listening to reflective music. We have adapted some of these services in the hope that they may be helpful to you in your times of prayer, perhaps as a group or on your own. Please feel free to adapt them as you feel inspired to but we would suggest you read them slowly and reflectively and not like an essay. We generally end our time of prayer together using the Examination of Conscience with St Clare.

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