as Gaeilge Po polsku

If you trust in the Lord and do good,
then you will live in the land and be secure.
If you find your delight in the Lord,
He will give you your heart's desire.

Commit your life to the Lord,
trust in Him and He will act,
so that your justice breaks forth like the light,
your cause like the noon-day sun.

Be still before the Lord and wait in patience;
do not fret at the man who prospers;
a man who makes evil plots
to bring down the needy and the poor.

Hearts Delight

"If you find your delight in the Lord, he will give you your hearts desire." (Psalm 36; 4)

How do I "find my delight in the Lord"?

This Psalm continues with practical advice as to how to do this:

Commit your life to the Lord,
Trust in Him and He will act
This involves allowing Jesus into your life. He loves you passionately, and inviting Him in gives Him a chance to show this. You could use a prayer like this:
Jesus, I find life confusing sometimes. I often find it hard to trust. I know that you love me. At least, I have heard that this is true. I give my life to you now. Please come in and show your love to me. Fill the empty places of my heart with your love and healing. I want to trust You, and so I entrust myself completely to you.

Be still before the Lord and wait in patience
Having given yourself to Jesus, you need to spend time getting to know Him. Take time out each day, even 10 minutes, to spend with Him. Talk to Him as you would to any friend, because He is your best friend. Tell Him all that is on your mind. And, as with any friendship, donít do all the talking, but spend time listening to Him.

Calm your anger and forget your rage;
Do not fret, it only leads to evil.

Often when we start letting Jesus into our lives, we realize how broken we are inside. We need to let the Lord in to heal the broken areas of our hearts. We need to start letting Him guide us, so that we can stop worrying. It is a process and takes time, so, while praying about these things, why not see if you can talk to a priest or someone who can help and guide you.

It is good to get in contact with young people in your locality and Church, and if possible to attend a prayer meeting. The support and friendship of others is so important.

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