Come for a Cuppa

The thought of taking a first step in exploring a religious vocation can be a very daunting one. Our new COME FOR A CUPPA initiative is designed to make that first step a little easier. Unlike a Cloister Day which lasts for a full day (10am -5pm), it consists in simply meeting with a sister for a short chat about your vocation journey and provides an opportunity to ask questions that might have occurred to you. The Internet is certainly a great resource for getting information about religious vocations. There is a lot of information on this site for example, but talking with someone who has already made the leap into religious life can also be very helpful. To COME FOR A CUPPA contact:   

The ancient spiritual tradition of the Church, explicitly connects the enclosed-contemplative life to the prayer of Jesus "on the mountain", or solitary place not accessible to all but only to those whom he calls to be with Him, apart from the others.

Pope John Paul II, Verbi Sponsa