Come for a Cuppa

The thought of taking a first step in exploring a religious vocation can be a very daunting one. Our new COME FOR A CUPPA initiative is designed to make that first step a little easier. Unlike a Cloister Day which lasts for a full day (10am -5pm), it consists in simply meeting with a sister for a short chat about your vocation journey and provides an opportunity to ask questions that might have occurred to you. The Internet is certainly a great resource for getting information about religious vocations. There is a lot of information on this site for example, but talking with someone who has already made the leap into religious life can also be very helpful. To COME FOR A CUPPA contact:   

Gratitude is the thing that brings us the most grace… I have learnt this from experience: try it, and you will see. I am content with whatever God give me, and I show Him this in a thousand little ways.

St. Therese