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Gaze upon Him,
Consider Him,
Contemplate Him,
As you desire to imitate Him

From Second Letter of St. Clare

Love Him totally who gave Himself totally for your love.

From Third Letter of St. Clare

Adoration with St. Clare

St. Clare is often portrayed with the Blessed Sacrament and is known for her devotion to it. Below is a way of using one of her writings while praying at Adoration.

Gaze Upon Him

This is a powerful way to pray. The Curé of Ars spoke of a man who, when asked how he prayed, said, "I look at Him and He looks at me". It is not so much a physical looking at Jesus, as putting ourselves in the presence of the One who loves us totally. We make ourselves present to Him and allow Him to look inside us with His loving, healing gaze, letting the reality of His love change and heal us.

Consider Him

Having become aware of Jesus, we reflect on the reality of who He really is, as revealed to us in Scripture. Jesus came into the world so as to enter fully into our humanity. No matter what way we feel, there is something in Jesus' life that we can relate to. For instance, if we feel fearful, we can look at Mt 26: 36-46. If burdened, Matthew 11:28-30. If worried about the future, Mt 6:25-34. If life is stormy Mk 4:35-41. If in need of courage, Mt 14:22-33. In need of healing, Mk 1:40-44. If insignificant, Luke 21:1-4. And so on. For other Scriptures, see Scripture for different occasions. Then we can talk with Jesus about the reality of our life situation, in this way forming a relationship with Him.

Contemplate Him

Having spoken to the Lord about what is bothering us, we hand the burdens to the Lord because He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7) and we rest gratefully in His loving Presence , confident that He will take care of us.

As you desire to imitate Him

A fitting conclusion to a time spent in Adoration with the Lord, is to try to become more like Him. It is good to make some resolution at the end of our prayer time, even something small, like to smile at someone, so that we enter into solidarity with Jesus.

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